[AppleMusicPro 蘋果專業音樂軟件教學] - 陳慧琳 Lover's Concerto [Chord譜]

曲:      詞:      Key: C    

 C                 G
*How gentle is the rain
       F     G             C  Am
  that falls softly on the meadow
  Dm    G              C
  birds high up on the trees
  Am           G      C              Dm    G
  serenade the clouds with their melodies  Oh!

Repeat *

C                    G
See there beyond the hill
    F      G             C   Am
the bright colors of the rainbow
Dm   G           C
some magic from above
Am                Dm  G               C
made this day for us  just to fall in love

  C                      G
#You'll hold me in your arms
      F   G                 C    Am
  and say once again you'll love me
  Dm  G                 C
  and that your love is true
  Am              Dm  G             C
  everything will be  just as wonderful

|C  |G  |F  |G  |

C                G
Now, I belong to you
     F    G            C Am
from this day until forever
Dm   G             C
just love me tenderly
Am               G    C             Dm
and I'll give to you  every part of me

G   C                  G
Oh! Don't ever make me cry
        F    G                 C   Am
through long lonely nights without us
Dm G              C
be always true to me
Am               Dm   G            C
keep this day in your heart eternally

Repeat #

||: C  |G  |F  |G  :||C  |